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About Me

C.S. Severe

I'm a chill person yet susceptible to attacks of hyperactivity and passion. 

I'm in my mid-twenties, a teacher, love writing and reading, gaming, and lately, raising my self-consciousness to its highest potential to purge suffering from my life. My current writing projects are a sci-fi novel called Children of Tokua, short story sci-fi Alien Within Thy Gates, and a new adult short story series Adolescence 2.0. Okay, enough of me. I hope you enjoy my blog!

Contact me at cssdoitwell@gmail.com; facebook: C.S. Severe; twitter: @Cwritewell.

Special note to other websites and blogs:

I work hard to create the original content on this blog. Please do not republish any content without my permission first. However, feel free to quote me as long as you cite my name or include a direct link to my website. I appreciate your respect and value for my work.