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Monday, March 18, 2013

Unlocking Your Highest Potential: A Letter of Encouragement to You

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Dear Friend,


BRIGHT explosion of LIGHT in the darkness that surrounds?

Do you know how much YOU ARE LOVED, IMPORTANT, and SO PRECIOUS, oh so precious that to lose you would bring so much pain and tears?

Do not be afraid.

Stand tall because you were meant to sit a top a mountain and SHINE BRIGHT, brighter than the sun. YOUR SMILE is needed; your love, your strength, your thoughts, YOUR WORDS, and the sound of YOUR LAUGHTER create bursts of HAPPINESS and JOY all around.

I know how it is.

I too have felt the on going frustrations of this life, the push of darkness against the chest, and the rejection that comes with being different, being other, BEING YOURSELF.

I understand the pain of waiting, the conditions that say nothing will change, that you’re stuck or worse, trapped in a dark, cold pit with no way out.

I too hear the voices that whisper criticism and negativity
The whispers that tell the lie, “You will not be loved.”


They are all but illusions that dissipate when you shake them with the earthquake of power that lies within you. 


Yes, YOU

You possess boundless strength, a heart that sees eternity, and a soul that sings melodies more beautiful than heaven’s angels.

No one on this planet can BE YOU.
No one can create the life written in your footsteps and inked in the hearts of those who:
have met you,
shared meals with you,
laughed with you,
cried with you,
dreamed with you,
danced with you,
hugged you,
kissed you,
heard your voice,
and held your held.

Do not lose HOPE. Hold on to FAITH. And do not give up on LOVE.

Continue to create DREAMS that surprise you and lift you higher without end.

Don’t let hurt from the past cramp your heart and keep it from loving again.
LOVE again.
And again.
And again.
Yes, you really are that amazing.

And it’s okay to see some things like love, friendship, failures, victories, and dreams through a simple lens. Overthinking tends to bring more harm and confusion than good.

And if you must be afraid, take a step forward anyway because you never know where you can go, who you can meet, what you can accomplish, and all the things you can see, taste, feel, and know. 

Life is an adventure waiting for you!

And if someone should dare belittle you or sound off all your weaknesses and make you feel less than the amazing individual you really are, know that it speaks more loudly about their insecurities, failures, and shortcomings than yours. It’s not about you, but rather them. The truth is they’re jealous of you, your dreams, your power, and the light within you that pierces through anything and anyone.

And always be true to yourself and your voice because anything else or less would be a true tragedy and a great loss. This world already has enough of both.

So please, BE YOU and share the beauty that comes along with it.

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And, always remember like my amazing friend Geo once said to me, “Never, never lose your sense of HUMOR.”

Loving you,
A fellow human being 

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Geo. said...

Truly an inspiring post, Sammy! Thank you. Thurber described humor as chaos remembered in tranquility. That would be a terrible sense to lose. My compliments.

CS Severe said...

Thank you, Geo! Those are amazing words to keep close at hand. And I agree. Humor keeps me going!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant post Sammy. Beautifully said!

CS Severe said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! :)