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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Adventures in Korea: Nami Island. Part 1

Hello, Folks!

So sorry I’ve been slow with the updates lately. So much happened in the past week and on and it took time to settle myself into a new life: new place, new jobs, new people, but same ole me. :)

Good memories stifle and taunt you the moment you feel the most vulnerable to nostalgia or feelings of good times gone by. My solution? Write it out. I have a memory of a trip I took with a very lovely friend (whom I shall call Rebecca) in Korea, along with a few students. Our purpose was to escape the quick-paced bustle, inch-to-inch people bumping of Seoul. I proposed the idea of going to an island called Nami that I read about online. What better way to escape the city than to go to an island? I patted myself on the back for that one and felt so proud about my idea.

All Right! 

I invited my fellow teacher Rebecca to take the trip with me, and being the reasonable person that she is, she researched it with her students before giving me the A-OKAY. She invited two students and one brought along her boyfriend. We had ourselves a party, folks! I was excited for the trip and longed for the ship that would give me a break from the crowded streets, pollution, and shoves and pushes from grandmas. I felt like the Elves from the Lord of Rings taking that boat into the west in the ridiculously long ending of the third film in the trilogy. However, I digress.

Morning of our trip arrived and we had to be at the train station at 7:00 AM. Now, usually an early morning appointment, class, meeting or whatever is the biggest drag under the sun for me, but not that morning. The anticipation moved my usually moody morning body out of bed, into the shower, and out to put my outfit and make-up on. I arrived first at the station, which would be a shock to anyone who knows me because tardiness is tattooed in invisible ink on my forehead.

Finally! I would be in nature, amidst trees, fresh air, and grass that stretched far and wide and uncountable unlike the few blades sticking out beneath the concrete. And water. I find it healing and after a hard, tiring week of teaching, I longed to appease my soul with a meditative gaze to the point where the water hits the sky. My hopes and expectations for the day flew at stratospheric heights and I smiled worse than that loopy, purple Cheshire cat because this was my idea. I wanted everyone to have fun and enjoy the day.

Oh, but don’t you love life? One thing it teaches you over and over again: expect the unexpected. My trip to Nami Island turned out to be one of life’s precious gifts on that front. The story continues with the next post!

Ever have high hopes and anticipation for something and it turned out to be less, more, or a mixture of less and more than you expected? I’d like to hear about it.

Thanks for reading,

Ahhh, Nami Island 

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