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Monday, February 4, 2013


Happy Monday, Folks! Hope you had a great weekend.

Another week begins and already I’m tired. Unfortunately, my weekend failed in the resting department because of work. I hope to get a passing mark a la restoration tonight as I turn in early.

Where's the human version of this basket?

The last time I managed to squeeze in a post, I started the story of my trip to an island in Korea. My parting words for that last post were: expect the unexpected, which has now become my motto because you can plan, schedule, create lists here and there until kingdom come but life has its special way of moving the universe around to make things either more difficult or more pleasant—whichever it pleases. Lately, I’ve been on the more difficult end, but I’m pressing through. I basically tell God I don’t want to suffer. And who am I to be pretentious or bold enough to demand such a thing? We all suffer along a particular scale; it’s part of the human experience.

However, I want to capture each moment that induces suffering and nullify it completely. Do I have the strength? I do if I unleash my spirit. The body and mind suffer, but can the spirit suffer? The spirit is separate from body and mind; it cannot suffer. Therefore, I want to be more in rhythm with my spirit because the body's cravings for physical desires make it weak and the mind experiences constant anguish as it conjures negative illusions of past, present, and future and the material desires of this world. The spirit moves past the suffering, transcends time, and rests in total peace and security from all negative forces.

Although my body succumbs to physical fatigue and my mind carries so much weight of an unpredictable, hazy future, my spirit unfurls its wings and glides above in faith under God’s perfect protection. That’s why I take good care of my spirit because I can either nurture its already great power or put it under harm's way by burying it beneath the weaknesses and instabilities of my body and mind. I want my spirit to shine more and more each day until it outshines my body and mind because they are the source of my suffering.

Captured while on a train ride from a ski resort in Korea

So, I feel better already. I’m afraid the conclusion of my Nami trip will have to come for the next post. I did not expect to write about suffering, but here's to that one mark of life, the unexpected.

What are some ways that you eliminate suffering? Do you believe it can be eliminated in this world of ours? I’d love to hear your responses. Until next time, be at peace.

Thanks for reading,
Sammy  :)


Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact Sammy... We were doing a study today in which this very subject came up. I said I don't want to follow Christ's suffering. I don't like suffering, either because of my failings or because of Christ. The verse we were looking into was: 2nd Corinthians 1:3-7. And even though I've read those verses many times it didn't dawn on me until today that we ONLY suffer so we can give the comfort we ourselves have been given to those we come across who are also suffering.

For being so young, you are a wonderfully wise woman.

CS Severe said...

"And even though I've read those verses many times it didn't dawn on me until today that we ONLY suffer so we can give the comfort we ourselves have been given to those we come across who are also suffering."

This statement is so true, Elizabeth! I totally agree. Haha, sometimes I have my moments and other times...haha, well, I still have so much to learn. But thank you for your kind words, nonetheless.

Christine Mary said...

I love your blog! I can totally relate to expect the unexpected. My motto is 'expect for the worst, hope for the best'.

CS Severe said...

Hey Christine! Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it. Very nice motto. Thanks for sharing! :)

Geo. said...

I think you've got the same jumps I had in my 20s. Do you ever feel a familiar presence sometimes hovering over your shoulder, like a genie? I did. Now I know who it was: It was me, trying to tell my younger self not to worry so much, to enjoy being young,strong and quick, that things would be ok. It's inexact, or I would have got my 1970 self to buy gold at $32 an ounce, but you can't have it all. Anyway, just wanted to suggest that the genie who pioneers your future is you, and you'll be fine.

CS Severe said...

I sometimes keep forgetting that I'm young and that I should enjoy it while it lasts. I don't know why I think I should have everything together right now. Maybe all this pressure is coming more from me than the outside. And yeah, everything will be fine. Thanks so much for sharing, Geo!