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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adventures in Korea: Nami Island. Part 2

Hello, Folks!

I sliced my Korea adventure story with several other posts, but now I’m back to continue it. What happened on that morning of the trip? Read on if you wish to find out.

Welcome to Nami Island!
As I mentioned in part one of this story, I wanted our trip to Nami Island to be relaxing, fun, memorable, and yes, even perfect. I expected all these things and more because how could one go wrong with a visit to an island? Islands served as gateways to the simpler, more chill life. I dreamed of silence, sunshine on my face, and isolation with my close friend and companions. It was like I ordered the universe to deliver all these conditions because I deserved them after the long, tiring, crowded week I had endured. That Sunday at Nami Island was meant to wash away the ache, temper frustrations, and massage out all the kinks and knots of stress matted at the base of my neck. A one-day cure all.

It gets better. 
HOWEVER, the trip to Nami Island was an adventure all in itself. It started at the station where I arrived first, and later Rebecca and her students joined me. We waited for our train, but the time for its arrival passed with no sign of our grand chariot. So, despite my efforts to get to the station on time, we were behind schedule. No matter, I thought. These things happen and it was still early in the day. With the help of our adept smart phones, we discovered the Seoul Subway system decided of all days to finalize its newly revised route!

An hour later we finally caught a train with no available seats because old folk in very expensive mountain gear packed our cars and all the remaining cars for that matter to the point of suffocation. Apparently I didn’t get the memo that this morning was part of a peak mountain-hiking season, but I had thought the elderly here hiked no what matter the season. It was different today because excitement laced their conversations and their eyes crinkled with expectation for a wonderful day, no different from mine earlier. I sucked it up because I dealt with this crowdedness on a regular basis in Seoul so this situation should not have come as a surprise. It was the island that was supposed to be deserted not the public transit system.

A tree of wishes?
After another hour of standing in the train, we reached the station where we would take the bus to the ferry. Now, this bus. THIS BUS. The driver of this small bus deserved an award for: 1.) Violating the sacred personal space of individuals by allowed an incomprehensible amount of people on board 2.) Ignoring the vehicle's capacity for so many passengers and 3.) Driving at ridiculous speeds around the bend so that all passengers rub and fall on top of each other like lovers in some crazy orgy scene.  I counted the seconds in my head as my arm ached from tightly gripping a handle above a seated passenger that, despite my small frame, I was sure I would crush from the sheer force of the sharp turns the bus made. And let’s not forget those potholes that the driver gravitated toward. I smelled the sweat of my neighbors’ sweat and rubbed skin with more people ever in my life in one location and time. 

The ride continued for twenty minutes, and when I jumped off the bus, I told myself it certainly could not get worse. HAHAHAHAHAHA! How naïve I was back then. Rebecca and eyes exchanged looks of horror when we spotted the ferry. IT. WAS. FULL.

So, what did we do? Dum dum dum. Stay tuned for the next part!

Ever had a similar situation when going on a trop? Would love to hear it!

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Sammy :)

What is that you ask? A tree of Soju bottles. -_-

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