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Friday, February 8, 2013

Today's Friday Specials! Yummy!

Hello Folks!

An awful snowstorm is blowing through here in Boston. Please be safe if you live in the New England area, especially Massachusetts. Without further delay here is the Friday Special for today. I only have five links for today. Hope you find them helpful!  
Haven't forgotten the snacks!
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1.) Want to figure out how to be more productive when interacting in social networks? Check out this series of great advice from Kristen Lamb! 
Feeling Overwhelmed? Social Media Can Make Us Crazy – Part 3. http://bit.ly/14YvUiR

2.) Have you looked at your dreams lately? Are they collecting dust? Here’s a little nudge to get them up and running again. Have You Given Up on Your Dream? | Storyline Blog. http://bit.ly/VLujLV

3.) Are you a writer looking to write great characters, characters that you’re readers will, love, admire, and relate to? Then check out Moody Writing’s series on writing sympathetic characters. Forcing Readers to Like Characters: Admiration http://bit.ly/XtghZr

4.) Hey writers, this site offers a good list of writers’ organization. Check it out if interested. Writing Organizations – Finding the perfect fit.  http://bit.ly/128Dmnh

5.) Writers! Anne R Allen gives awesome insight on your brand as a writer, doing searches on your name concerning your impact, and your presence in the web. Check it out! Why You Should Google Yourself: It’s Not Vain – It’s Good Business.  http://bit.ly/WIrCr4

Want to see other types of links? Let me know and I’ll post them up!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sammy, hope you are keeping warm and safe up there in Boston. Thanks for the links. :-)

CS Severe said...

Hey Elizabeth, thank you for your wishes! It's crazy out here. I don't think I've ever seen so much snow! We're keeping safe and warm, thankfully. You're welcome for the links.