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Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Short Story Series: Adolescence 2.0

Hello, Everyone!

I'm very happy to announce a new addition to my blog: a short story series called Adolescence 2.0. A2.0 tells the story of Jean A. Noble, a kind, warm, friendly person who also happens to be a chronic liar and a people collector. She meets five very different people whose worlds she makes collides; people who would never have talked to each other if weren't for Jean. Jean dreams of making it big in the media industry, creating screenplays, publishing fiction, along with other goals of starting an organization that can revolutionize the world of media by giving access to more unheard voices. Crazily ambitious, she hopes to find the love of her life while trying to heal her wounds and curb her lying and deceiving ways. Can she do it? Follow her if you wish to know! 

I call this series Adolescence 2.0 because the main characters are all in their twenties, which has become an extension of adolescence thanks to the shift in the economy and other social transformations.  I guess this series would fit into the new adult genre. I hope to post this once every week. I already have the first draft and will post it soon. Please let me know what you think! 


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